DatRec, LLC .v. Medical Information Technology, Inc. (D. Mass. 21-cv-10943).

DatRec accuses Medical Information Technology, or Meditech, of infringing U.S. Patent 8,156,158, entitled “Method and System for Use of a Database of Personal Data Records.”  DatRec says that the ‘158 patent covers methods of constructing a verified database of identified individuals that is capable of processing with a subgroup of at least one medical application, and asserts that Meditech operates and administers electronic health records databases that infringes at least one claim of the patent.  The claims strike me as susceptible to an Alice challenge, as they broadly recite characteristics of a database generally, without providing much technical detail on what makes the claimed databases novel.  The patent has been asserted fifteen times since June 2020, shortly after it was assigned to DatRec, with all but one settling quickly.  Judge Stearns is assigned to the matter.

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